Vietnam is known for multiculturalism with 54 ethnics groups and 3 regions with different characteristics. Being a part of Vietnam,  MeKong Delta with long-standing river culture and hospitality of local people lifestyle will do not let you down when you arrive here.

Saigon & Mekong

Từ US$615 /person
  5 ngày / 4 đêm
  HCM city - Mekong Delta - HCM city

The highlight of this program is enjoy street food in Saigon and nice visite in Mekong Delta. Let’s go with us to enjoy it!!!

Saigon – Angkor

Từ US$1,495 /person
  7 ngày / 6 đêm
  Saigon - Angkor

Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia. Tour the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia with this achievable active & cultural exploration that takes you through the best of a varied region.

Saigon – Phuquoc

Từ US$620 /person
  7 ngày / 6 đêm
  Saigon - Phuquoc

Soak up the sun and some Vietnamese culture on Phu Quoc Island, where white sands and tropical waters entice beachgoers from all over the globe.

Saigon – Mekong – Mui Ne

Từ US$639 /person
  7 ngày / 6 đêm

The program Saigon-Mekong-Muine will offer you an amazing experiences with professional team of Lecochinchine. Join us to enjoy it!!!

Saigon-Mekong-Nam Cat Tien

Từ US$710 /person
  6 ngày / 5 đêm

Amazing experiences, nice time with professional team of Lecochinchine will don’t let you down when you joins us.

Discovery Saigon-Mekong-Cap Saint Jacques

Từ US$688 /person
  6 ngày / 5 đêm
  Saigon - Mekong - Vung Tau

Saigon – Cangio -Mekong 5 days/ 4 nights

Từ US$629 /person
  5 ngày / 4 đêm

Discovery Saigon – Mekong – Condao Island

Từ US$637 /person
  7 ngày / 6 đêm
  Saigon - Mekong - Condao

Great for savvy travellers looking to escape bustling city life, the main island also boasts miles of coastal roads, hiking trails and a wide range of outdoor activities.


Từ US$85 /person
  1 ngày
  Saigon - Cangio - Saigon

Situated in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio Mangrove Forest is still an untouched land offering a wonderful biodiversity that you will discover with this tour. Travel by speedboat through scenic canals, visit a local riverside market, observe monkeys swinging through the trees at Vam Sat Park, discover a crocodile reserve and paddle around the still waters of a lagoon aboard a small wooden boat.

Nam Cat Tien National Park Discovery

Từ US$221 /person
  2 ngày / 1 đêm
  Saigon - Nam Cat Tien National Park - Saigon

Saigon & Nam Cat Tien National Park Discovery

Từ US$332 /person
  3 ngày / 2 đêm
  Saigon - Nam Cat Tien National Park - Saigon


Từ US$427 /person
  4 ngày / 3 đêm
  Cantho - Cai Be

Come check out all the best places to visit in Vietnam’s amazing Mekong River Delta.


Từ US$332 /person
  3 ngày / 2 đêm

Mekong delta is known as the Vietnam rice’s bowl that brings to you unforgettable experience with touring the orchards, paddy fields and swamplands,…
This trip gives you an opportunity to have a panoramic view about Mekong delta on many aspects of the life of local people and to be immersed in charming nature of river. 

Du thuyền Mêkong

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