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Lecochinchine 8 cabins

Cabin: 8
Các loại cabin: double, twin, triple
Sức chứa: 15-16 passengers
Spoken language: Vietnamese, English, French
Hình thức thanh toán: Credit card, bank transfer or cash
Các hoạt động: Sightseeing, boating, walking, cycling

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Chỗ ở

  • Single/ double/ twin/ triple cabin, possible connected cabins, fan, air-conditioner, lockers, shower, bowl sink, WC, bath linen and toiletries.
  • Main deck: 4 cabins, kitchen
  • Upper deck: 4 cabins, restaurant, bar, terraces at the stern and at the bow, lounge chairs with mattresses and pillows

Thông tin

Conceived as the traditional rice-barges that fill the Mekong waterways, Le Cochinchine is an elegant and delightful river boat that promises a peaceful and highly comfortable journey along the many canals of the Mekong Delta. All dressed-up in shiny wood, it perfectly fits in the amazing surrounding landscapes one takes pleasure in contemplating while lazing on the upper deck. Thanks to an utterly caring crew, travelers will enjoy a high quality personalized service. On board Le Cochinchine, time seems to have stopped to transport travelers to a magical world.



All cabins are equipped with fan, air-conditioner, lockers, bed (1 bed 2.1m x 1.7m/ 2 beds 2.1m x 0.9m).


leco2_bathroom mkdouce_bathroom 

Bathroom supplied with shower, bowl sink, WC, bath linen and toiletries.



Space for comtemplating scenery, relaxing and enjoying foot massage

Restaurant & bar



mkmelody_2 mkdouce_footmassage

Foot massage within 20 minutes at least by our professional staff.

Du thuyền Mêkong

Add: Cái Bè, Việt Nam
Hotline: (+84) 976 736 419
SĐT: (+84) 28 3993 4552 / Fax: (+84) 28 3993 4554
Email: [email protected]

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