Authentic Mekong

Cabin: 7
Các loại cabin: double, twin, triple
Sức chứa: 16 passengers
Spoken language: Vietnamese, English, French
Hình thức thanh toán: Credit card, bank transfer or cash
Các hoạt động: Sightseeing, boating, walking, cycling

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Chỗ ở

  • 3 single cabins, 5 double cabins, possible connected cabins, fan, air-conditioner, lockers, shower, bowl sink, WC, bath linen and toiletries.
  • Main deck: 7 cabins, kitchen, terraces at the stern and at the bow
  • Upper deck: restaurant, sundeck, terrace with lounge chairs with mattresses and pillows

Thông tin

Authentic Mekong sampan is designed according to the traditonal sampans which have navigated on the Mekong flows. Long of 23.0 m and wide of 4 m , made of ‘’Sao’’ wood, a variety of oak, very resistant to water, well appreciated by people who spend all their life working and living on water.

For a pleasant and long cruise in comfortable conditions, the sampan is equiped with a well ventilated compartment which could be used as a diner room as well as bedroom with couchettes available for group of 2 to 16 passengeres maximum; besides one kitchen, couchettes with showers, one terrace on the deck, a five- person- crew included the captain, one mechanic, the chief cook, one sailor and one guide, are at your service.

Passengers on Authentic Mekong will be amazed and integrated in their discovery of landscapes, of local daily life, of smiling and open hearted people of the Delta and of  aquatic life anywhere they  go with  the sampan.


All cabins are equipped with fan, lockers, beds. This sampan is suitable for a family or a group of friend.


Bathroom supplied with shower, bowl sink, WC, bath linen and toiletries.


Space for comtemplating scenery, relaxing and enjoying foot massage

Restaurant & bar

AMK_boat_6 AMK_boat_7


mkmelody_2 mkdouce_footmassage AMK_sundeck

Foot massage within 20 minutes at least by our professional staff.

Du thuyền Mêkong

Add: Cái Bè, Việt Nam
Hotline: (+84) 976 736 419
SĐT: (+84) 28 3993 4552 / Fax: (+84) 28 3993 4554
Email: [email protected]

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