Mekong Clean & Beautiful: 30th of August every year

Today, tourism is one of the major having a great contribution to Vietnam’s economic development. However, besides the positive effects, tourism activities cause environmental impacts. So, on the 30th of August every year, Le Cochinchine held an environmental festival in order to continue raising awareness of people and visitors in tourism activities by propaganda and campaign about the environment. The environmental festival 2018 Le Cochinchine will launch a waste picking campaign along the banks of the Hoa Khanh River.


Keep Mekong Clean & Beautiful!

Improve aware of environmental protection for businesses, communities, students, people in hamlets

All members of the Mekong Cruiser Company, partners, tourists, providers, local people, students, association, women’s association

Along the Hoa Khanh River: Cai Be Station to Mekong Café, Dong Phu Ferry to mouth of the Hoa Khanh river, Cai Be, Tien Giang

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Program details

08:00: Concentrated in Hoa Quy hamlet, listen to the general introduction about the program, the importance of protecting and preserving the living environment, guiding waste separation process: organic, inorganic garbage, plastic, ….

08:30: Trash pick up

Divide into 2 groups:

– Group 1: picked up from Hoa Khanh hamlet to Cai Be station

– Group 2: Pick up from Dong Phu ferry to mouth of the Mekong

11:30: Have a light lunch

13:00: Continue picking up rubbish

15:30: Finish

16:00: Southern amateur music exchange (if any)


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