Gender Equality from the bamboo straw !

Gender Equality

  • Women role in family

In modern society, when gender equality is enhanced, the role of women is now looked back fairly. Many issues related to the rights and interests of women such as gender inequality, vocational training … are gradually solved. The role and voice of women in all areas of social life are increasingly recognized and appreciated by society.

  • Voice of women in the family and the community

Through the project “Gender equality from bamboo straws!”, Lecochinchine contributes to enhance the voice, income and rights of women in the Mekong Delta, aims to build a beautiful image of the people and country of Vietnam in the period of international integration.



  • Income

– Inequality between men and women in the family

– Generate income to contribute to create equality for the women and help them to be getting louder

– Involve the participation and enhancement of rights for women

– Experiment funding methods based on job creation and job opportunities for women by introducing financial incentives mechanism for business incubators and motivate businesses to grow successfully and fund for women-owned and co-managed businesses; or training institutions help women have full-time jobs, part-time jobs or businesses create jobs with stable pay for women.



  • Women in difficult situation/ weakness/ disabilities

– Open a bamboo straw project

– Through this project, attract low income women /difficult situation to have a job

– They cultivate reeds / harvest and cut / design, and packaging the straws

– Create products for hotel restaurants

– Create attractions for tourists

– Open a training class and teach how to make for the tourists

– Selling products to visitors


Through this activity, local women can participate in mingling with society, create income on their own labor, contribute to poverty reduction, reduce environmental pollution, contribute income to support their families, therefore the role of the woman in the family is improved and they are getting louder, their voices are heard more. This helps to create gender equality between women and men.

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