10 things to buy at Mekong

Souvenirs of the Mekong

Discovering the wonderful Mekong region, certainly you would like to get your memories of this legendary territory. To facilitate your choices, we give you a list of typical products of the Mekong which can be brought in your suitcases.

  1. Fruits & vegetables at floating markets

It would be a pity if you leave the Mekong without tasting some kind of products offered by the floating markets, especially fruit.

  1. Fish

The Grand Mekong region is the first fishery area in the world and accounts for 25% freshwater fishing catches of the world. It is also the second rainwater reservoir in the world after the Amazon, with over 1,300 species of fish. There is therefore no wonder that these species are present in almost all food establishments. You can procure easily at the floating market.

Il n’y a donc rien d’étonnant à ce que ces animaux marins composent en majeur partie l’alimentation des locaux.

  1. Rice alcohol

As in most countries in South-east Asia, the consumption of rice alcohol is really amazing. It is drunk during meals and of course on special occasions such as Tel, birthdays, marriages… Sharing this drink is almost ceremonial. This alcohol is also used for ancestral worship.

Made from glutinous rice, it is then steamed, cooled and sprinkled ferment before being distilled. The highest temperature is 40oC.

  1. Serpent alcohol

Made from rice alcohol, that alcohol is considered a medicinal liqueur which can cure arthritis or osteoarthritis. It would be great if you can also mix it with fruit syrups.

  1. Products from honey

The Mekong is also an area where honey is produced popularly. It is easy for you to meet farmers who present their hives. You will get the chance to taste a tea with honey, which undoubtedly will convince you.

  1. Products based on coconut

When visiting the Mekong, you will have the opportunity to stop at one of craft factories, where the local people produce different kinds of coconut confectionery. After participating in the manufacture, you can taste them and choose those which make you satisfied.

  1. Canvases/ paintings

When you walk along in the several shops at the Mekong, it is sure that you will be attracted by the colorful paintings on Vietnam and the Mekong.

  1. Tea

There is no doubt that you will taste many types of tea during your stay at Mekong… Green tea, lotus tea, you can feel free to make your choice!

  1. Flowers

By visiting the colorful gardens, you’ll have embarrassment for choice.

  1. Lotus wine

Because the lotus flower is very famous, especially in Dong Thap province, you can try the Lotus Wine.

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