Cuisine: Lotus Root Tempura Stuffed with Thac Lac fish

Lotus root is one of special material used to make a lot of tasty dishes such as lotus seed sweet soup, lotus salad … not only taste delicious but lotus root is also a remedy that helps people relieve stress and relaxing.

Lifestyle of people in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta not only owns beautiful scenery of bright sunshine, blue sky and fresh air but also frenetic and exciting lifestyle of people here. Highlighted by the livelihood supported by the waterways of Mekong River, the lifestyle in Mekong Delta owns rustic appeal but dynamic and exotic beauty.

Mekong Delta: Special Places

The Mekong Delta is one of the most densely populated areas on Earth. It is also one of the most productive. Often referred to as Viet Nam’s ‘rice bowl’, the Delta produces upwards of 16 million tonnes of rice annually for domestic consumption and export in addition to highly productive shrimp farms, orchards and market […]

Mekong Delta: The land & Its resources

The Mekong River Basin is defined by the land area surrounding all the streams and rivers that flow into the Mekong River. This includes parts of China, Myanmar and Viet Nam, nearly one third of Thailand and most of Cambodia and Lao PDR. With a total land area of 795 000 square kilometres, the Mekong […]

Mekong Delta: People Live Hood & Water

100 different ethnic groups living – one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world. Rural farmer/fishers, resource rich – the aquatic resources.


A tapestry landscape at the end of the great Mekong river (which carries Himalayan snow across South East Asia to merge with the South China Sea on the south eastern shores of Vietnam). The puffed rice is a popular treat from the area, very like western toffee popcorn  and dormitory room of a stilt house […]

12 typical types of fruit at the Mekong

Bananas: You will find them in large numbers on the banks of the river. Durian: Durian of Mekong Delta is the best one in Vietnam thanks to its very sweet yellow flesh. Jackfruit: This fruit is easily recognized by its large size. It’s popular because of sweet savour. Sapodilla: especially sapodilla of Mac Bac, specially […]

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